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Presenting and Growing

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

They say every experience is a chance for growth. Perfect as Social Point presented on Growing A Following at the Chesapeake Women's Network Talbot chapter this passed week.

After realizing there would be no monitor to show our presentation, we rolled into a more open ended discussion instead. This is where I was able to grow as a presenter. There was no powerpoint to rely on when I lost my train of thought, or carefully crafted speaker notes on my screen. As it was more of a discussion, I also had to task of keeping the room on topic so I could easily transition into my next point. Something I hadn't done before, but this group made it relatively easy.

I went over three big tips to help these ladies grow their organic following over time (If you missed it you can download the handout). Their knowledge of Facebook ranged from thousands of followers to not having a Facebook page, so there were many questions every step of the way. They answered each others questions and offered tips to those that had a harder time grasping the concept of Facebook.

I've always been comfortable presenting with a slideshow and notecards, but I stepped outside my comfort zone with this format and it was one of the most rewarding presentations I've done.

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