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3 Marketing Strategies to use this Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

If you are a Retailer, in the Service industry, or a Non-Profit Organization you have probably found yourself competing for an uptick in Holiday Sales, and fundraising or donor participation.

Digital Marketing and 3 Strategies to Employ.

Digital Marketing uses any electronic device or the internet. It is the use of digital channels and platforms such as search engines, social media, email, and websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

The growth in mobile and smartphone usage has created a personalized experience for the customer and with it certain expectations. Customers want to interact on social media, share experiences, and get instant information or results with minimal effort. The role of a digital marketing manager is to decipher these platforms and tailor a plan to grow an online presence for your business as well as funnels. Employing a professional, an expert, someone who knows how to turn your investment into sales and leads has become more and more standard. Here are some of the most popular platforms in use by small business owners like you.


1. Social Media Marketing - An interactive platform that allows and promotes interaction and engagement with followers. Campaigns can be structured using both organic and paid advertising opportunities to send your messages. Your social media manager will use a combination of ad types, placement, and audiences to optimize your message and create funnels. A Social Media Manager will provide a professional quality to your messages and use appropriate terminology. They will be up to date on the rules of Social Media Advertising and understand the rules. A social media manager will provide reporting to optimize delivery and results. Contact Social Point Media & Marketing and ask how we can Professionally manage your business page(s) or, Train your Team!


2. Geo-targeted Digital Advertising - The use of sending messages onto mainstream websites. Yep, there it is!... The ads you see and click on everyday when browsing the internet. These ads are delivered on devices to a specific group of people in a predetermined area; creating geo-targeting campaigns. For the small business owner, this delivery is very powerful and is now more affordable than ever. Ads are tracked and measured by CTR’s. A marketing manager will work with you to craft your message and run your campaigns. They will know how to navigate the demographic and geographic areas to place ads to achieve the best return on your investment and optimize your campaigns.

Contact Social Point Media & Marketing and ask about a Turnkey Package for your advertisements!


3. Email Marketing – The use of an online mailing list to send messages to existing and potential customers. Campaigns can be automated and should include education, tips, and links to your website or landing page to create funnels. A marketing manager will work with you to review open rates, CTR’s and ROI.

Contact Social Point Media & Marketing and ask how we can manage your bulk email services!


You need an expert on your team.

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